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Welcome to the ipMonitor Support Portal
Why Does the Portal Look Different?
If you haven’t heard the exciting news, SolarWinds acquired ipMonitor in April 2007. Since then, SolarWinds has released several new versions of ipMonitor and has made important changes in product support. In January 2008, SolarWinds transitioned ipMonitor support to the customer portal located on the SolarWinds web site. This change enables us to better service your needs as a SolarWinds customer and to provide you access to a number of SolarWinds resources.
Where Can I Download a Licensed Copy of the Latest Version of ipMonitor?
If you are an ipMonitor customer on active maintenance or a new ipMonitor customer, you may download the latest version of ipMonitor in the SolarWinds customer portal.
What’s New in ipMonitor?
Newer versions of ipMonitor have delivered significant enhancements, including an updated user interface that is truly remarkable, out-of-the-box SmartMonitors, network mapping, wizard-driven setup and discovery, improved dashboard views, and enhanced device grouping. With this latest version, ipMonitor is more robust, automated, and user-friendly than ever before! Learn more »
Where Can I Download a Free 21-Day Trial of ipMonior?
We invite you to download a free 21-day evaluation version of ipMonitor to experience the new and improved features firsthand. Download a free trial now »
How Can I Purchase the latest version of ipMonitor?
ipMonitor can be purchased online via the SolarWinds Store, or you can contact our sales team at sales@solarwinds.com.
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